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Famvir 250mg pills $257.00 You were cold
I blamed you
You were dead
I blamed me

Famvir 250mg pills $257.00 You looked mute

Famvir 250mg pills $257.00 I felt deaf

Famvir 250mg pills $257.00 I blamed her

Famvir 250mg pills $257.00 Or was I deaf?
You were gone
No one to blame
I was alone
With you still there.

Famvir 250mg pills $257.00 I went back home
And you looked
The other way.

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Ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 Poverty anywhere
is poverty everywhere.*

Ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00
Why is that? Why are other people’s problems my problems? Are we all together in this? How can we be together in this if I don’t know who they are, ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 why are we here? If I can’t feel them as I can feel my body. Ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 Do my toenails know about my hair? Do my fingers know about my heart?

Ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00

Ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 Somewhere I read: I often wonder if life is easier for other people or if they are better at faking it.

Ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 I get to the outskirts of the city and I see all those buildings, ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 and it’s not the big sprawling of tiny houses that bothers me, ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 it’s the big, ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 huge buildings and the tiny flickering lights that make me think of ants, ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 and working bees, ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 and insignificant little lives, ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 with anonymous problems. Ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 I just can’t tell if I’m scared because I know that deep down, ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 I’m just one more working bee, ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 in the middle of its working life. Ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 Dead and forgotten already, ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 in the grand scheme of things. Ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 Maybe I’m scared for all those little bee people I imagine, ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 living in horrible places that I’ll never see, ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 but that I can sort of imagine, ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 because they are in a way, ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 just like mine. Ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 With that weird kitchen smell that kitchens other than your own have. Ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 With their children and their laundry and their skid marks in the WC. Ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 With their fights and flat screens and unpaid bills and salary rises and sudden unemployment. Ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 Why do I care about them? Why won’t they ever know that I am here, ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 trying to imagine who they are?

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Ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 * Sounds revolutionary? James Wolfensohn, ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 President of the World Bank, ibuprofen 600mg pills $100.00 said that in 2002.

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